Egypt – the land of gold

The story started here

In the year of 2020, EBDAA Gold Mine an Egyptian, Joint Stock Company won an international tender by the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA) and got their exploration licenses for 105 KM2.Fortunately, EBDAA concession is located in the “Golden Triangle” area which is located in The Eastern Desert along Quft-Quseir road, south Al-Fwakher historical ancient mine.

EBDAA have considerable capabilities and experience to fulfill its vision and mission. Gratefully we are giving an outstanding example of establishing a modern mine based on the latest technology and scientifical methods for greater efficiency. For this purpose, We have relied in our selections on the best experts that we can trust to join us throughout our successful journey “Nautilus mineral resources” which has 100 years of accumulative experience in the mining field. The surface exploration program was started at our Concision (Abydos Project), where thousands of surface samples were collected to identify the rock type as well as the gold-bearing quartz veins, study the various geological structures and their relationship of gold Mineralization – using all modern working techniques.

EBDAA’s team has explored 7 prospects of gold mineralization existence, covering an area of 40 KM2. An accurate drilling program was prepared to obtain oriented and intact rocks below the ground’s surface. A contract was placed with the international drilling GEODRILL company to drill thousands of meters of the cores to find out the subsurface zones of gold mineralization. Thousands of meters of Diamond drilling have been completed with a successful 94% of hitting the targets for the 1st phase out of the 40km2. Cores had been qualitatively logged and identified lithology, alteration, structures, and rock quality. Each drilled core, cut with a rock saw, and half-core samples were prepared for gold assay. To obtain high accuracy of geochemical analyses, we assigned “ALS Global laboratories” to analyze all surface, subsurface, and core samples using proven techniques. QA/QC for sampling, and data applied to control the quality of information from the field to the Database. We have Consumed thousands of operating hours to make our dream come true and still working hard to fulfill the second phase of Diamond drilling, in preparation for announcing an impressive MRE soon.

EBDAA is eager to achieve a successful model of a contemporary gold mine in Egypt and dedicated to the sustainable development Objectives and ESGs. EBDAA gold mine is honored to thank the President of Egypt, the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources, and the Egyptian institutions for their incredible efforts, allowing the opportunities for the growth of the mining sector in Egypt.
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