Several Companies Request Geological Maps for Gold Mining

According to Egypt Oil & Gas Newspaper,The Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources Affairs, Alaa Khashab said that many companies had requested from the Egyptian Mineral Resources General Authority (EMRA), to obtain the geological maps and the studies related to the gold mining in Egypt, according to Al Watan.

He added that these maps will help investors to determine the areas of operations in addition to the areas where they can start new operations. It is worth noting that the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, announced in February 2020,   the launch of the first international bid round for gold mining in 2020.

According to the same newspaper , the criteria for choosing the winning companies in the bid round will be based on experience. There will also be an investment map for each metal showing the industries, where it can used and the value that can be added to it.

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