Who We are


EBDAA GOLD is an Egyptian Junior mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration and definition of precious metal resource properties. EBDAA GOLD is established in 2019, its Primary Assets is the Olymp Exploration Gold Project which located in the one of the best locations for the Exploration and production of Gold which is the Egyptian Eastern Desert.

EBDAA GOLD & Nautilus for Mining ​

EBDAA GOLD is headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt and has a sister company Nautilus for Mining and Petroleum Consulting which is the operation company of the whole Olymp project.


EBDAA GOLD Vision is “EBDAA Pursues Higher Standards”, EBDAA GOLD is doing everything according to this statement; it is our foundation and inspiration for our actions every day. At EBDAA, we PROTECT our people, places and planet, DEVELOP quality resources, growth and plans, and DELIVER impactful results through teamwork.

Working Together

We are proud of the jobs we provide, the people we employ, and the communities we serve. EBDAA identifies the importance of working together to tackle challenges head-on. Together, we welcome new ideas, and leaders who will own and deliver solutions.

Innovation, Responsibility, & Collaboration

EBDAA is very aware and understands the importance of innovation, responsibility, and collaboration.